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Phnom Penh: 'People of the City'

Astrid Schulz | Cambodia

Kitchen in Shop House, Ground Floor, Boeng Keng Kang 1

Horm Sreyny is a housewife; for the past eight-month she and her husband are renting a house in BKK1. The house is actually to expensive for them, therefore Sreyny is trying to sublimate her income by running a small laundry service and selling drinks in groundfloor of her house. The upper floors of the building are rented to locals as well as foreigners.

Sreyny would like to run a shop from this location, but she cannot afford it right now. She needs the financial support of her daughter, who is also rending rooms in a flat nearby.

The photos of this exhibition were commissioned for a chapter in a collaborative photo book project. The book has the title ‘Phnom Penh CAPITAL CITY’ and is describing the fast urban development in Cambodia's capital city. In this chapter 'People of the City', a variety of residents have been asked to comment on their impressions and relationships to the city they call home. Photographer Astrid Schulz wanted to take a closer look behind the facade and explore how people use their personal space. The outcome is a collection of fascinating insights into homes and workplaces spanning from rich to poor, across younger and older generations, from migrants and those who have lived there all their lives and helped shape the city.



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