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America in Between Palms

Baolong Song | United States


     In Between Palms captures the genuine moments in which a hundred individuals were asked to rest their heads on and between their palms and reacted to the emotional and physical sensations that surfaced during the capturing process. 
    The series started with in-studio captures then changed its focus to the street as the pandemic took its abrupt turn.

     This is America, a land composed of different faces, as each face carry a different set of values, cultures and backgrounds, America is its people, and their stories are constatnly unfolding.<>



     Humanity is an ever-evolving existence that continues to widen and deepen its definition through the span of time and most importantly, through the span of perspectives in noticing and acknowledging its already-existing depth and width, that in which reveals its profound diversity in, out and around each individual, unbounded by time.


     The series presents a collage of humanity’s width and depth in its diverse individuality and the universal essence of what it means to be a human. The seemingly and theoretically opposing concepts of separation and unity disclose the harmonious paradox that hints at the fact that despite our differences in color, gender, race, age, perspectives and everything else we identify with, we are all interconnected and share this universal entity called “Human Life” through each small yet extraordinary existence.

     Each portrait of the similar gesture yet diverse projection sheds light on the individuality under the broad concept of ‘Human’, as well as providing a lens that looks into the powerful and beautiful vulnerability that each life consists of, that under this vast world, there are different worlds that celebrate the existence of all.

     The act of questioning one’s existence within oneself and in relation to others is an ongoing worldwide phenomenon. Who are we when individuality crosses each other and forms this gigantic web called human existence? Who are you as an individual existence among the interconnected entity? In Between Palms touches on the everyday yet extraordinary phenomenon of the world by provoking thinking, questioning, understanding and reflecting on who we are as individuals and who we are as this interconnected entity called “human.”

     The series contemplates the ever-pondering mystery of human existence through the examination and revelation of the unique individuality in “others.” The portraits shed light on the paradoxical ideas of “existential separation” and “unity” among humanity as well as their harmonious universal interconnectivity through the act of self-reflection.

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