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Seeing Woman

Barbara Trachtenberg | Massachusetts, United States

"I lost my son. I lost him." Cuba

I have traveled this woman’s life from many roles. At seventy-six I have been a lone traveler since the Sixties, visiting strangers, wandering their towns as teenager, young woman, mother, grandmother, ex-wife, psychologist, painter, writer, photographer, opera singer with a lost voice. I read women’s feelings through their eyes, drawn mouths, their shifting feet and arms raised in dancing in the dark. I watch them record stories I share with them in words and images. Their emotional worlds mirror my own history. They embrace sorrow, stand up to the world, consider how to solve an imminent problem, stand guarded or in imagination with lined faces and private thoughts. They proclaim their joy and stoicism as they face work and my camera. At all ages they fill with desire and pride, confusion and fear. They confront anger, sorrow, joy. Our gazes meet each other from opposite sides of a lens, reflecting on each other.



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