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Freedom House Detroit: refugees seeking asylum in America

Benjamin Hoy | Michigan, United States

Freedom House Detroit, Detroit Michigan, 2000-01

Freedom House in Detroit MI is a unique, non-profit halfway house providing food, shelter and free legal assistance to political asylum seekers to the US and Canada. They help to resettle individuals and families here in the US or to Canada. Freedom House Detroit is the only orginazition in the USA that provides all these services. Freedom House is administered by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary order from Monroe MI and survive on donations, grants and the generosity of volunteers. Many of the residents are actively hunted here by agents from their country of origin. This project was embargoed from public view by Freedom House Detroit for ten years after the photographs were made and all names and nationalities are being withheld for the safety of the residents. More information about Freedom House Detroit is available here at the following links: 



Benjamin Hoy has been making documentary photographs since 1998. He was employed at Sherman Publications, a small newspaper chain from 1995-2001 where he worked as a photographer and darkroom technician. In 2001 he completed the full time Documentary Studies program at the School of the ICP, NYC. Since then he has had photographs published in Time, Newsweek and Fortune magazines and The Teachers and Writers Quarterly. He has worked as a black and white printer and technician for Gilles Peress, Joseph Rodriguez and Annie Leibovitz studios since 2002. He now lives in Pontiac MI, the City where he was born in 1974, and works as an expedite driver. He continues to make documentary photographs whenever and wherever he can. 

Benjamin Hoy can be reached by email at lightdrawer@gmail.com or by phone at 248-413-9828.

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