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Ghana at 50 (Global Community)

Charter Weeks | Ghana

Port of Tema

A photographer friend with deep connections to Ghana asked several of us to join him to document Ghana's 50th anniversary of independence. It was in part a tribute to Paul Strand who spent 6 months as guest of the first president, Nkrumha. An important part of my focus was work and labor. I also spent 3 days in the intentional religious community of Jordan Nu.    The organizer, Peter Randall, is a publisher and produced a book of our collected work.

A lot of my work both in the US and abroad looks at work and labor as, not only visually interesting but socially informative. I like to say it is a way of keeping yesterday safe for tomorrow. Tjhe junk yard I photographed was perhaps the most polluted place I have ever been. The family quarries with women breaking up stones was, of all things, used as aggragate in cement.

Ghana is also unusually religious and I found the naming of commercial establishments incorporating either God or Jesus most odd.

Unlike the poverty striken experience I had in Niger where everyone is begging, Ghana has a thriving economy by comparrison and everyone is selling something.

I learned a lot working on this assignment.

Charter Weeks, PO Box  203, Barrington, NH 03825  Ph603 664-7654           


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