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Kokawa Wrestling

Christopher Onah | Nigeria


Kokawa wrestling is one of the oldest sports with a history dating back to the time where fighters compete for honors. The wrestling is between two strength of the males that are tested so as to prepare them for inter-tribal wars, winning the hands of a lady in marriage or the likes, wrestling each other in a sand-filled circle of about six meters in diameter.

There are 3 rounds and the wrestling match is fought in different weight categories, aside from the social importance, wrestling contests provide for recreating and healthy living among the people.

In Obalende underbridge and Mobile Road, Agegunle areas of Lagos State Nigeria, there is no age, weight, or height limit, It just pure entertainment, wrestling for a particular amount of money as low as (#50) $0.14, and majorly for the pride of representing their communities.

These wrestling in some locals communities is still of social significance and similar application. There is always a side attraction from musicians who accompany their wrestlers. The referee make sure that the accepted rules are not violated. Kokawa wresting is an ongoing body of work. 

Christopher Onah is a Lagos based trained documentary photographer with knee eyes for creative storytelling in Documentary, Weddings, and Musical Concert and with potentials in making short movies. Storytelling helps me to find truth and meaning in life, its help me to conquer my fears and help me mediate between life and death. My works focus on social issues, culture, and everyday rawness of life.

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