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Kionte's Storey

Cirina Catania | United States

Organization: BrenCara Films

Director/DP Cirina Catania on the set of "Kionte's Storey." Catania is a veteran of the filmmaking industry and has been involved in over 130 films and television projects as a writer, producer, director, DP or marketing exec. She has worked with major studios and networks such as Nat Geo, Discovery, etc. Catania works every day and travels the world on behalf of her clients so she can earn the money to pay for her non-profit documentaries, one of which is "Kionte's Storey."

"I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't feel my legs. I looked down and knew I had lost my legs."  (Kionte Storey, Afghanistan, 2010, after stepping on an IED).  

Kionte Storey is a survivor of his environment and in war. After graduation from high school, he joined the Marines and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, shortly before his return to the U.S., he was severely wounded when he stepped on an IED.

"It had to be me," he says. "Now I can do things I never would have had the chance to do...I can help others, motivate others, travel the world."

This is the story of a little boy who grew into an inspirational young man.

Watching his darkest moments, we realize that he, along with millions of other young men and women are suffering the effects of war.

In his bright times, we are reminded that love truly does conquer all and hope remains constant as long as we have courage.

Director, Producer, Writer, Editor: Cirina Catania

Cinematographer/Camera Operator: Cirina Catania (additional camera, Luis Barretto, Rob Tharpe, Carlos Grijalva)

Still Photographer: Cirina Catania

Sponsors and media partners: Blackmagic Design, Other World Computing, Zeiss, international Supplies

Documentaries tell stories and it is my hope to inspire others to find the good in humanity and themselves. The ultimate compliment is when someone tells me that one of my stories has changed their life. 

Once in a while, we meet someone who touches our heart in a way that we will never forget.

Kionte is one of those people.

This non-profit film, sponsored by "From the Heart," and the photo that I have taken along the way are my way of saying "Thank You."

Cirina Catania

12364 Rancho Bernardo Rd., #559, San Diego CA 92128



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