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Invisibles - memories of daily life

Cristiano Burmester | Brazil

Tyre fixer. São Paulo, Brazil

This project portrays people and their professions, especially those that are gradually disappearing due to technology, real estate valuation or social and cultural transformation. These images were made in cities of Brazil and Equador.

Globalization has pushed huge transformations on how we work and the types of work that receive acknowledgement and the ones that become invisible to the eyes of society.

As we transform ourselves into a global society and implement the changes that seem to be right, a whole group of people suffers silently the impacts of these transformations.

This is a documentary project that tries to give visibility to some of the people affected by this situation and also acknowledge the value of the work they do and consequently who they became throughout their lives.

Photography has always given me the chance to learn more about people lives and different realities of the world. I do understand documentary work as a way break down dialog barriers. In my personal story, photography has also played that role.

As a photographer I am living the trasnformations of a work field and that has caught my attnetion when thinking about developing a documentary project regarding invisible professions.

In its essence, photographic documentary work also serves to give visibility to the human condition. That is my main purpose with this project. 

This documentary work is a self funded project. 

Email: cris@crisburmester.com.br

Ph: 55.11.3812.4256

Cell: 55.11.99182.6876

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