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Sea Workers

Cristiano Burmester | Brazil

Fishing boat going out to open sea. Cabo Frio. Southeast coast of Brazil.

Brazil has more than 8 thousand kilometers of coastline. A quarter of the population lives in coastal regions. Although the colonization of the country has taken place from the coast to the interior, communities have their work linked to the sea.

In the state of Santa Catarina, Azorean migrants use fishing techniques from these North Atlantic islands. Caiçara communities from the coast of São Paulo and Paraná sail in traditional canoes and live off artisanal fishing. Families live in isolated parts of Maranhão and Rio Grande do Sul, offering support and welcome to the Navy military personnel who operate the beacons along the coast.

Life linked to the sea develops trades, builds social relationships and shapes beliefs. The extension of the Brazilian territory hosts a wide diversity of relationships with the ocean. Some of them have changed little over time, others have taken on new shapes.

Documenting the way of life of these men and women, is a proposition to look at the different cultures that make up the multifaceted panel of seafarers and their present relationship in the Brazilian way of being.

Website: www.crisburmester.com

Instagram: crisburmester

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