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Loving Through Bars Children With Parents In Prison

Cynthia Martone | United States

There are millions of us ~ we are cloaked in shame, neglected and loving through prison bars...We are innocent victims; our lives are filled with instability and uncertainty and we are damaged by a stigma and shame. We have been neglected by our society, and lost in a vicious cycle that often leads to future criminality, and deviant social behavior. We are child prisoners. We are learning to understand living and loving through bars. The prisons we visit are bleak places but when you have someone you love behind those bars, the dark pit becomes less important then the stolen moments of being loved, of loving, that we feel when we are behind the prison walls.

There are millions of children in the United States who have a parent in prison. These children are themselves victims of their parents’ crimes, members of a neglected segment of our population who are potentially damaged by stigma and shame and who are at risk of being pulled into a vicious cycle of future criminality and deviant social behavior.


"I am more afraid of not living than I am of dying..."  Cynthia Martone


Photography Credits  


Rippled Thoughts (2009) 

File Magazine Collection (2009) 

International Photography Award (2008)

Pixiport Fine Art Photography (2007)

PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris (2007)

National Photo Competition (2004)

Gallery Exhibitions

Eye on Qatar Marriott Hotel, Qatar (2009)

Eye on Qatar Al Hosh Al Qatari Lil Funoon Art Gallery, Qatar (2008)

Tragedy Love Fate   Marriott Hotel, Qatar (2008) (Disability Advocacy)

Loving Through Bars Marriott Hotel, Qatar (2008)

Haiti   Marriot Hotel, Qatar (2007)

Eclectic Array Marriot Hotel, Qatar (2007)

Haiti   Blasco Library, Pennsylvania (2007) (Fundraiser/Advocacy)



Photography is an extraordinary technology; it saves the human awareness of our existence and makes it visible and public. For me, it is an unadulterated passion. It is a means to portray beautiful, immoral, and grievous images that I hope will arouse an emotional experience.  It takes me out into world where I capture intimate reflections on things most people rarely give a passing glance.

I am more afraid of not living than I am of dying...  Cynthia Martone

Cynthia Martone



Phone:  814 414 0279 (USA)

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