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Pandemic Punk Rock

Daniel Hoffman | United States

Punk fan at underground show, Brooklyn, NY

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 upended life as we knew it .In early August of 2020, a group of punk rockers from various Latin American countries hosted a show to express their frustration, losses, and need to socialize. What began as one underground show led to various pop-up punk shows in backyards, streets, or bars that were “closed”.This project followed the community of punk and hard core through the pandemic, focusing on who these people are and the community formed and the love expressed at various shows, parties, and in the mosh pits.These are “pandemic punks.”

The punk and hard core community is known mostly for their clothes and "violent" mosh pits.  However, during the pandemic, the punk scene united to bring people together in public shows.  What unfolded were scenes of joy, love, and community. Moments of peace, joy, and even death punctuate the chaos and seemingly harsh reality of this scene.  To capture the energy and community of this scene, I focused on who these people are, how and why  they gather, and the pure emotion and love they express for each other at shows, in the mosh pits, and at home.  

Daniel J. Hoffman


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