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Watch Us Soar

David Dosunmu | Rwanda

Two Young girls are seen holding hands as they climb the hills alongside other students on their way to School in Kigali, Rwanda - "the City of a thousand Hills.

Rwanda is well known to have the highest number of women in Parliament, with women constituting about 68% of the cabinet and this power has been trickled down from top to the bottom which makes this a WIN situation not just for the Women and Girls but for the Nation at large.

This post-genocide reconstruction and reconciliation has showed Rwanda as a model for Gender Inclusiveness, an achievement that will make policies favorable for children and family which constitute the unit of every society.

Watch Us Soar is a narrative that aims to initiate meaningful dialogue with regard this transition in governance and how it imparts on the daily lives of women and girls in Rwanda.

Facebook: David Dosunmu
Twitter: @david_dosunmu

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