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Survivors of a Hidden Genocide III

David Verberckt | Bangladesh

Rashida B., 25 years old, from Tula Toli near Maungdaw in Burma. Her two children were killed by the military forces. The house with her dead children was burned down. She was taken away with 30 other women from the village and were gang raped for several hours by military and local militia. After being raped she was assaulted with a machete to her neck and skull and left for dead. When the place was set on fire she escaped through the back and fled. It took her 8 days to reach Bangladesh and receive the first medical care. She lives now in Bangladesh where she was reunited with her sister who was also sexually assaulted. Balukhali Camp, Bangladesh, November 2017.

Traumatized victims and survivors who have endured the perilous way to the exile now face the ordeal of having lived through the genocide that is still not seeing an end. Although a mass humanitarian and aid agencies activities are set on the spot, and despite this response, the situation in refugee camps remains extremely precarious, especially for the victims of torture, women victims of mass rape and children who have endured and witnessed the same

Because it is nearly impossible to collect evidence of the genocide in Rakhine itself, it is extremely important to document and collect testimonies of the victims and witnesses of these acts of crimes against the humanity. Their individual and personal accounts of massacres shall result in prosecuting the perpetrators and be used in the court of law.

By documenting their stories and making them available for a wider advised audience, journalists, human rights investigators, activists and photographers can play an essential role in countering the "fake news" allegations branded by the Burmese authorities.


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