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Our Voices

Dawn Colsia | United States



     Speaking truth to power is the core of democracy.  When 45 lies to distract from the truth and obtain domination over others we must rise above the assault on our freedom and institutions with our voices.

     We demonstrate to express outrage regarding how immigration, health care, science, choice and inequality are being handled. The facts regarding how our rights and freedoms are being manipulated will be subordinated to truth only if we comply.

     Trump often states that he didn’t collude with Russia or obstruct justice. He repeats this because people are more likely to believe if they hear a message repeatedly. We can counter the lies and post-truth by being vigilant and raising our voices to make sure elected officials know that their actions will be monitored at the ballot box. We can get past post-truth by expressing and repeating our voices to reinforce basic American values that seek truth, compassion, empathy, freedom, due process and equal opportunity.

Love trumps hate.

Truth trumps lies.

Facts trump post-truth.

Freedom trumps fear.

American values trump political distortion.

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