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Sidelines: Life On the Edge of the White Line

Deha Rozanes | United States

“What is the score ?”

A parent's role as a spectator is very simple... Watch the game and encourage the players. Or is it ? Today's parents are not just parents. They are coaches and referees and trainers. As parents, they don't just watch their children play sports any more. They are in the game…. They coach from the sidelines, advise or call the plays. They praise every minute play or action. As much as they try, they still found themselves on the edge. They want their son to play more aggressively, to run faster, to get closer to the ground. Sometimes they determined to sit at a game and say not a word of advice. But, well, they can't. They fail. Repeatedly.

To my eye, the edges of these images have some of the most important information. My first reaction when I see something interesting, is to put it right in the middle of the frame, and I know I’ve got it. But deep down, I know, the rectangles are more enhanced by putting things off centre, into play. Ultimately, I aim to use the entire frame, entire field like lacrosse, behind your goal post, on the wings, behind your opponents goal post and in the crease. Searching for the action, emotion and interaction on the edges of the field and sidelines is the center topic of this ongoing Sidelines: Life On the Edge the White Line Project.

Email: contact@atelieralinea.com.

Instagram Name: Atelier.Alinea Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/atelier.alinea. 

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