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Within the virtual reality

Elena Beregatnova | Россия


It's not sufficient for us today to be only in the ordinary reality. The aspiration of getting emotional feelings is transferring from the real world into the virtual one. It offers great unlimited opportunities for getting cognitive and psychological experience with independence from social and material status of the people.

The growing request for new communication environment stimulates the evolution of the virtual and augmented reality technologies turning them into increasingly necessary part of life. In the future it will possibly lead to erasing the borders between virtual and ordinary worlds.

Even though all the social, economic and ecological problems are becoming pros for diving deeper and deeper into virtual world does the human being exchange his habitual world to virtual one? This question is still open.

Elena Beregatnova, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: ev_beregatnova@inbox.ru

web-site: https://beregatnova.myportfolio.com/

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