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Just let them BE

Elzbieta Jablonska | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Institute for mentally disabled children and adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All patients can exist well in “tight-knit community” if we only let them be who they are.

Institute for mentally disabled children and adults in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Submitted pictures were taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the clinic for physically and mentally disabled children and adults. I feel honored to have a possibility to do my project there and share my time with people.

This place gathers around 400 people. There are mostly adults and group of 23 kids from 5 years old. Thanks to the dedicated staff this place looks like a home for a very big family. A lot of activities and beautiful mountains surrounding this clinic make patients happy.

So often we are hiding or even going to reject mentally disabled people in the society.

Making my project in this clinic I seen all of them creating kind of “tight-knit community”. In my photographs I want to show the beauty of patients in the clinic.

Mentally disabled people can exist well in the community. There is a full range of beautiful emotions and place is full of care and love. …Just let them BE who they are.

 Elzbieta’s main passion lies in documenting disappearing cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations with respect, compassion and dignity. Her determination to give a voice to the voiceless has driven her to document political, social and environmental injustices around the world.

With all the ambitions of an artist, she also employs her rigorous academic training to produce an in-depth reportage.

Elzbieta travels the world in search of that one photo which will reveal the story behind the eyes of strangers, that underlying magic which deserves to be seen and usually remains unnoticeable.


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