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After 6 years

Fabrice MBONANKIRA | Bujumbura, Burundi

minibus traffic, city center line-south area (southern quarters of the city).
downtown bujumbura,burundi, october 1st, 2019,

It used to be the lungs of the city's economy.

But today, it is the symbol of the fall of many traders and their families who found their financial happiness during his glory time.

The wrecks of what made the city of Bujumbura citizens and Burundian citizens in general, are still there and I have the impression that they do not intend to move.

Six years ago, an unprecedented fire ravaged the central market of Bujumbura.

The central market of Bujumbura, "economic lung" of the Burundian capital and the country as a whole, went up in smoke on January 27, 2013. The fire, whose cause has not yet been determined, was declared dawn, at a time when the market was still closed and lasted for hours, without causing casualties.

But some 7,000 traders were officially working there - certainly three times more informally, say the professionals. And all, or almost all, have been ruined.

And it is today the entire economy of Burundi, already kneeled by a long civil war (1993-2006) and more recently also hit by the global economic crisis, which suffers.


This series demonstrates the combattivity of the survivors and their strength against the adversity of the situation in order to reclaiming the future.

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