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How Death Waits

Fatima Tuj Johora | Bangladesh

An old lady Hironmala (80) counting her days through pain and enormous sufferings. She had a major stroke, due to stress. Her family could not afford formal treatment, rather going to a kobiraj (Ayurvedic practitioner). Currently, She isn't under any kind of medication. She can talk a little, but feels everything. Her legs are festering, ants are living on her feet, she cannot flip herself over and lie only on her back.

Fluid intake is the biggest effect if someone cannot move, in her case, she started hydrating and causes bedridden. She is losing her strength and endurance, flies are sitting on her face, essential works like passing urine or evacuating stools are being performed on her bed.

"We are praying for her death, even she wants so" was told by one of her family members. when one is poor, she has no say in public, she feels inferior, there are many dimensions to be poor, one is lack of servitude, Treatment is a basic right, being human doesn’t mean just get a soul and a body.

According to WHO( 2011) Bangladesh sufferers from both shortage and geographic lack of proper treatment. 28% of treatment is provided in government health for alternative medicines. 70% of the total population is in rural areas where only 58% of physicians are available. But due to poverty, lack of awareness,  medical equipment ls, people are exempted from medical rights.


Like the backward communities of Hiranmala deserve a chance to Step forward only by 100% medical assurance. Government, NGO’S, other forward communities can initiate to change the motto of " quality life" through eradicating inequalities, poverty, lack of awareness, and little or no education.

Name: Fatima Tuj Johora

Email: fatimatujjohora42ju@gmail.com

Mobile: +8801930327219


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