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The Unseen Stage

Fatima Tuj Johora | Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The dilapidated walls of a green room of Muktamancha, Jahangirnagar University.

Greenroom plays an Indissoluble role for a stage performer. This is how a soldier prepares Himself before heading towards the war, an artist does his makeup, puts on his dresses as the same, and waits in his greenroom.

Three bells ring before starting the stage drama. After hearing the first bell, performers went to their entry point. Just before an hour of the play, the greenroom gets its life like a rolling stone. It is competitively congested and it has limited capacity to hold all the performers. In that case, the actors are divided into a few groups and work separately. one group went for dress change, the others are up for makeup and another goes for the final position on their stage, checking the light, sound, music, and so on. Just before five minutes the drama starts, every performer mumbling their dialogues, and the greenroom holds pin drop silence. That moment the greenroom turns a place like heaven and that essence only being felt by the performers. If there is any situation where performers need to change their dress, then another performer (who has no immediate entry at that time) waits with the costume for fast change. At all, the greenroom is part and parcel for every theater or stage drama play. The place where performers get ready for their play, get their dressed, put makeup on, and revise their dialogue is a greenroom.

All the photos are taken in the Green room of Muktamancha, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka. 

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