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Black Lives Matter in the San Francisco Bay Area

France Leclerc | CA, United States

Skateboarders at the San Francisco "Kicking for Freedom" Event, June 2020

Though the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was founded in 2013 to protest against racially motivated incidents of police brutality, it skyrocketed into the public consciousness in May 2020 after George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police officers.  Protests and demonstrations of solidarity were organized in every major city of the country--and many outside the U.S. as well--even though the world was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a series of images from some of the numerous protests in the San Francisco Bay Area where an amazingly diverse group of people, both racially and ethnically, showed up to BLM demonstrations.   In the Oakland downtown area, artists took over the streets to convey their outrage and hurt via their art.

France Leclerc, born in Québec, Canada, is an independent photographer who currently lives in Chicago. Her early career was in academia, but in 2005 she decided to make a change to pursue her true passion for documentary photography. But the curiosity and hunger for learning that had motivated her academic research career did not vanish. France now uses photography as a vehicle to understand and help depict issues that puzzle her and satisfy her passion for learning. She often describes her work simply as “life photography.”  Among her most prominent themes are culture, religion, and social inequality. Her images have now been shown in curated exhibitions and have won numerous awards.

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