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Siberia Crossing, 2008

Frank Ward | Russian Federation

Vivian and Tree, Irkutsk

During two trips to Russia and other former Soviet states in 2008, I traveled from the Gulf of Finland (St Petersburg) to the Sea of Japan (Vladivostok). I first went in January, which seems to be the most logical time to see Russia at its most infamous, and then returned for May and June. The Russian experience, and the Russian world view, is one of a different era. Petersburg and Vladivostok are modern, thriving cities, but in between is a seemingly unending, relentless expanse of decaying environments and expanding environmental challenges. Riding the Trans Siberian Railroad and stopping in towns and cities along the way seduces the traveler into believing that he can comprehend the Russian soul--a foolhardy fantasy at best.

A different selection from Siberia Crossing is on view at my gallery:   http://www.photoeye.com/frankward


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