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Bluie East Two

George Grubb | Greenland

Bluie East Two is an abandoned US Air Force military base in East Greenland, that was operational during World War II from 1942-1947.  The remains of the base, consisting of thousands of leaking fuel drums strewn across the landscape, remain to this day.   The Inuit call these rusting barrels, "American Flowers."

George Grubb's primary work involves photographing endangered species in their natural habitats around the World.  His work has taken him to photographing polar bears on the Arctic ice pack, King Penguins on the island of South Georgia (Antarctica region), Gorillas in Rwanda, the Red-crowned cranes of Japan, the Kodiak bears of Alaska, the Koala bears in Australia, the Rothschild giraffes of Kenya, the lions of Tanzania, to the Walruses of Svalbard.  His social documentary photography includes work in remote locations such  as Greenland, Guatemala, Vietnam, Columbia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, to name a few.  

His work has been exhibited in Black and White Magazine, as well as in many numerous group exhibitions in galleries.  He recently held a solo exhibit at Soho Photo Gallery in New York City in July, 2013, and this coming October, the New York City Museum will be exhibiting his prints on Hurricane Sandy in the show, Rising Waters.  For a complete list of his credits, please visit www.georgegrubb.com .

This set of images highlights the environmental responsibilities that remain, to this day, from the World War II period.  The United States operated several military bases in Greenland during this time to defend the country from the Germans.  To this day, many of these bases are yet to be cleaned up.  Bluie East Two is the name of one abandoned base in Greenland whose remains continue to litter the landscape.  The Inuit call these barrels, "American Flowers."  These images serve to remind us of our environmental responsbilities and to further highlight how the cost of war haunts us many decades later.

 Member of Photographic Society of America, Soho Photo Gallery (cooperative) in New York City, Park West Camera Club, Associate ASMP, Sierra Club photography committee member.



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