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Submerged Conscience

Giacomo d'Orlando | Australia

Adriana Campili, a student with PHD in marine biology check the status of the Reef Aquarium inside the laboratory of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. The AIMS is the most specialized authority in charge of the Great Barrier Reef’s monitoring conditions.

Globally, more than 300 million people depend on the ecosystem services that coral reefs provide, for their livelihoods and food security. Coral reefs are rapidly degrading due to multiple pressures such as climate change and pollution. The principal risk related to the ocean warming is the spread phenomenon of corals bleaching. The cumulative, combined footprint of the last major bleaching events now covers almost the entire Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. During the last years, the AIMS with the joined work of JCU and the ARC researchers, are developing a significant project about assisted evolution, creating hybrid corals more resilient to bleaching events. The breakthrough research raises hopes for one day to counteract some of the effects of coral bleaching, which are ravaging large parts of the reef. The risk of an extinction of the reefs in the world is more than ever real and this requires urgent and rapid actions to reduce global warming. To steer coral reefs through the next century we need to be aware of their importance and responsible of our actions as human being part of this wonderful planet called Earth.

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Website : www.giacomodorlando.com

Instagram : @giacomo_dorlando

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