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Pandemic in Focus

Breathing Zone

Gionatan Tecle | Los Angeles, United States

Breathing Zone

Exploring Social Distancing During the Covid-19 epidemic. 

Initially started from a curiosity into the way in which my partner and I occupied our one-bedroom apartment, this body of work explores the idea of social distancing amidst the COVID 19 epidemic. I was moved by the 3 to 6 feet rule which states that if I stand within 3 to 6 feet of someone, you may inhale some of what I exhale. The rule made me think of the space we inhabit as a bubble that is used as a measure of caution in public settings and how this thought is and can be subconsciously carried in a private domestic space. The practice of distancing as a necessity in both private and public spaces. The lack of exchange between people forced by the possibility of inhaling some of what I exhale. 

Model: Siru Wen

Gionatan Tecle

Email: Gtecle16@gmail.com


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