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Family Portrait

Guido Krueger | United States

The following story is about the seemingly simple task of capturing a family portrait at Christmastime.

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Liam is 1 year old. He has Down syndrome and serious heart malfunctions. Liam has undergone extensive medical treatment and surgery during the last twelve months. He is on a ventilator, has a tracheotomy for breathing and a nasogastric tube for feeding. Living in the hospital since birth, Liam went home for the first time in mid December.

Marilyn and Gerardo, his parents, live in an apartment in Silver Spring, MD, together with Gerardo's mother and sister, and her 3 year old daughter Esteyli.

On the afternoon of January, 3rd, I arrived at the family's home and met Marilyn and a nurse standing at Liam's bed. When I saw Liam with all the tubes and wires that kept him alive, I was startled. Noticing, however, how much love, patience and care everybody was giving to Liam, immediately put me at ease.

Marilyn asked me to do a family portrait, and it took more than an hour and the help of several people to get Liam out of his bed, dressed and transferred to the living room.

I would like to say thank you to Marilyn and her family for giving me the opportunity to document a small but very important part of their lives.

Guido Krüger, January 2013

Guido Krueger is an award-winning photographer and best-selling book author from Northern Germany who strongly believes in the documentary value of photography. His pictures are honest, accurate and comprehensive and combine thoughtful image composition and significant content.

Guido is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and a Resident Artist of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. He holds degrees in Computer Science and received his primary photographic education from the New York Institute of Photography.

Guido Krueger

Studio 306
Torpedo Factory Art Center
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, VA 22314



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