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The house of those who are going to die

Héctor Adolfo Quintanar Pérez | India


The refuge for those who are going to die is a house where the activity with the inmates takes place on the main floor, a floor divided into one part for men and another for women. They are mostly individuals over the age of eighteen, to whom the last ravages of terminal illnesses like AIDS or cancer keep them prostrate on a cot waiting for the moment when life vanishes from their bodies. Some of them arrive voluntarily and others are referred from other shelters or nearby hospitals where they are simply given the indication that their days are sadly counted. It is not easy to have access to this small temple of death attended by the sisters of charity, a religious order founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, because lately this organization has been involved in various scandals involving corruption, sale of children and Discrimination against the non-Christian population and therefore the doors of this site are usually open only to foreign Catholic volunteers and very rarely for the media.

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