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Saviors of the Good Stuff ... in their own words

Houck Medford | NC, United States

Bill Carson: "I carry a multitude of stories in my heart about the magic of this place. It has been my peak experience for the last twenty-five years. Time don’t hurry me none at the Orchard, and the magic will continue because the land is protected and the beauty of the mountains, the family reunion feel of the music, and the delight of the history will keep people coming back again and again. Saving the Good Stuff!"

This story is about what is right with the world.

The Orchard at Altapass is a natural sanctuary embracing the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a sloping orchard of old heirloom apples in tortured 100-year-old apple trees. This land is sacred. The apple barn is often described as a church within a church. Sermons are not preached here but conspicuous are the values of knitted families and close friends. The choirs of weekly entertaining musicians and their Appalachian bands provide a life-line of connectedness and sustenance to those who come to participate as observers or dancers. The smiles and friendliness are instantly contagious and contribute literally to a healing spirit of well-being and comfort.

The testimonials of these depicted saviors are artifacts of the Orchard’s history. There are many others but this sampling provides a window into this special place of homage.

The Orchard at Altapass,  built in 1910 by the Clinchfield Railroad as it punched through the Blue Ridge to serve transportation demands in the Tennessee Valley.  Today the Orchard is a cultural center bisected by the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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