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Beyond Sweat and Stones

Igho Ogbobine | Lagos, Nigeria

Organization: The Nlele institute

Halimata with her children after work.

The women of Ogele break rocks in the Quarry for survival. They work endlessly from dawn to dusk only to end up with 4,600. Their only tool is a hammer with handle sourced from trees around. Danger is looming as there is no form of protection. Their biggest worry isn’t the danger, but the ability to cater for their kids so they don’t get trapped in the same vicious cycle.

Halimata is a 45 year old mother of five. Her main source of income is working the the Quarry breaking rocks into smaller pieces with just a hammer and her bare hands. She started the job 20 years ago. Her husband is a driver, he spends most of his time out of the house. 

Her children have to take turns going to school due to the fact that she can’t afford full payment of their fees. She hopes that someday, she will be able to get out of this cycle.

Education is a very important part of life, these women will do whatever it takes to make it a reality for their children.

Igho Ogbobine recently took up a career in photography specializing in documentary photography. Her work focuses on the resilient nature of people in varied works of life especially the less privileged in every society who are often overlooked and ostrasized and thus Igho's work shines a light on these class of individuals, their struggles and contributions to society.

Igho Ogbobine attended a 3 months program run by the creative master class hosted by the Nigerian Institute of Jornalism, and various workshops like the fotofactory, Lagos, The Nlele Institute and a host of others. Her work “Beyond sweat and stones” was recently exhibited at the Thought Pyramid art center and her work has been profiled by Fotofactory, a German initiative to train and encourage Nigerian photographers.

Email: info@ighoogbobine.com

Phone: +2348023304385

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