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Shiv Sadan a village for cured leprosy patients.

Ingetje Tadros | Dehradun, India

Basanta is over 80 years of age is one of the oldest residents in Shiv Sadan.

NGO Raphael was founded in 1959 in Dehradun, Uttaranchal, India, with its mission to provide relief from suffering.
Shiv Sadan is a village for cured leprosy patients, where families have their own housing unit. The residents are provided with all the basic necessities of life. In turn, based on their capabilities they assist in Raphael's day-to-day activities like weaving, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and gardening, leading a life of dignity and contributing to the well being of the community.

Featured photographer at The Focus Project 2011.

3d place Honor of Distinction | Photography Masterscup


Ingetje Tadros occupies a unique place in the world of social documentary photography, capturing the triumphs, tragedy and diversity of people’s lives through her intuitive storytelling.

With a passion deeply rooted in humanitarian causes, her photography is often confronting and provocative to evoke a powerful message, telling people’s stories firstly at a community level and then to provide a conduit for communication between different cultures on a global platform.

Born in Holland, in her formative years Ingetje was always documenting the life of people around her, ultimately combining her passion for photography and travel to where her work now takes her around the globe. When not travelling, she calls Broome her home on the vast and wildly beautiful West Coast of Australia.

Her creative vision has been the driver to authoring several documentary projects as diverse as Mental Health in Bali, Leprosy in India, Trans-sexuality in Asia and Death Rituals in Egypt. Ingetje’s recent documentation of Kennedy Hill and important work This Is My Country involved documenting the complexities of race and culture of Australia’s indigenous people – the Aboriginals. 

She has worked on assignments for some of the world’s best known online and print magazines. Her clients have included STERN, Amnesty International, Fairfax Media,  Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Geographic, The Australian, The Internationalist, News Corp, Getty Images, Daily Mail, DOC Magazine and many more. 

(2017- Ingetje is taking a big break and is preparing for an Overland Trip through Australia and Africa.)

Recent publications include This is My Country in STERN (2016), Kennedy Hill (Fairfax Media 2015), Caged Humans in Bali (Daily Mail 2014) 

Ingetje’s work has been recognised by a number of photography’s most prestigious honours.

In Januari 2011 Ingentje joined 'Momenta Workshop' and was assigned to work In NGO Raphael in Dehradun, India.


Ingetje  was assigned to NGO Raphael in 2011, which is situated in the Doon Valley amidst picturesque surroundings and verdant Sal forests just outside Dehradun, in Uttaranchal.
Founded by renowned humanist, Group Captain Lord Leonard Cheshire and his wife Baroness Sue Ryder in 1959, its mission is to provide relief from suffering. It began as a home in a cluster of tents for cured leprosy patients, their children and mentally disturbed. Shunned and abandoned by their families and society, they came to Raphael to start a life of dignity, love and care-a dream to start a new life that would change their destiny forever.

 NGO -Project New Vision Of India in Kurtumgarth

 NGO New Hope in Orissa

Ingetje Tadros

Po Box 5431

Broome WA 6726


+61 41709 3853



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