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Faith or Fanaticism - Indian Ritual Chhat Puja Amidst Covid Pandemic

Jagannath Saha | India


Chhat Puja is an ancient Indian festival mostly celebrated in Bihar , Jharkhand and Uttarpradesh States . The festival is dedicated to the Sun God, considered to be a means to thank the sun for bestowing the bounties of life in earth and fulfilling particular wishes. Worship of the sun has been practiced in different parts of India, and the world from time immemorial. The Ritual is performed by the Bank of rivers and other Water bodies . Wher plenty of devotees and visitors gather to worship Sun . This year amid pandemic the rituals were performed like every other year where most of the places devotees weren't noticed to be taking Safety measures , as it is Really not possible to Perform the Ritual and having proper safety measures at the same time . But the above all the Devotees Choose to go with faith only . it was documented from my city only but There are other parts of India where people were seen to have safety measures .

This series was documented By me only .

It was a Good at the same time a bad experience to document the rituals .

My personal project

Name - Jagannath Saha

Address - jiaganj , Murshidabad , India 

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