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The Family Book

Javier Martínez Delgue | Rocha, Uruguay

La mañana y el gato

A reminder that good things happen all the time, the extraordinary and the everyday privacy of a family reflected in a simple family album, which portrays the daily life of an ordinary family in a small town, where the nature, family and friends are the things that really matter.
A simple life is a good life.

I'm Javier, father of Olivia and Lucas, Laura's husband, I'm an Engineer and Photographer. I decided to create this album of our lives because what I have is so good, that I feel the need to retain it, I need this happiness to remain, I need to leave a tangible trail.
I want to be able to go back and get thrilled, and I want them to be able to come back and relive the life they led, I want them to know who we were.
And in this way, remember the value of being a family.



La Paloma. Rocha. Uruguay
++598 4479 8682
++598 99 590355

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