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M'Nong tribe in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Jenna Kikani | Lak Lake, Central Highlands of Vietnam, Viet Nam

The M’Nong tribe are an ethnic group from Vietnam. These photos were taken at Lak Lake in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 2007. The M’Nong live in longhouses, a type of long, narrow, single-room building built on stilts.

They live mostly by farming and cultivate rice close to lakes and rivers. Some make a living by hunting and domesticating elephants. Local women are engaged in weaving fabrics while the men make bamboo products like baskets.

The daily life of local people is greatly influenced by their experiences and traditional customs. Men also smoke tobacco rolled in leaves. Literacy among the M’nong tribe is relatively recent.

At funerals, people sing, and beat gongs and drums at the side of the coffin. The M'Nong believe in the existence of many spirits which are related to their life. 

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