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'Satra'- The Roma of Sintesti

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert | Romania

Two Calderari roma youths tend to their horses on the approach road to Sintesti roma camp, near Bucharest. It is common for the youths in the camp to look after the horses and to tend to other chores. 1990.

From 1990 through to 2006 I photographed in the roma camp of Sintesti, Romania, documenting the lives, traditions, past times and look of this one roma gypsy camp.

My photographs encapsulate a period of dramatic change in the camp, as we see the inhabitants leave behind the dark of the Communist years and embark on a fast track to the material wealth that their new-found opportunities have enabled.

The camp moves from being one of humble homes and traditional tents, horses and carts, to one where the new wealth (made by dealing in scrap metal) is spent on all things material -- the building of fantasy homes, and the buying of Porsche cars with cash. But the mindset of the people does not move: the women are still denied an education and work opportunities, and traditional beliefs still sit uneasily with their new found desire to be thought of as ‘Westernised’.

Watch a 5 minute movie interview with Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert as he discusses this work and project:


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