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Pandemic in Focus

Towns people during the pandemic

Joe Pansa | Puglia, Italy


Italy is paying a very high tribute to the Covid 19 pandemic. One of the reasons is that the country has a population that is older than age, which in large percentage lives with various diseases.

I think our elders represent an important reference and their ideal beliefs, their ability to sacrifice, even more their social, economic and cultural role are formidable antidotes to the social and anthropological impoverishment that this epidemic is inflicting to our country.

I want to leave a trace of their way of being during the pandemic. Their new habits, their little freedoms barely resumed. Their emotions and their looks. Their fears and their joys. Their simple daily life in the days of the coronavirus.

My photography is mainly based on spontaneity. I love capturing that magical personal and unique moment. I like capturing the truth of the people I photograph, the possibility of expressing the power of a person’s essence through a photo. What characterizes that person at that moment. I want to show what that particular person is feeling. Try to tell a story in a photo. The authenticity of the moment.What is authentic is always brutally wonderful and the thought of being able to impress that sense of wonder on an image is, for me, the most beautiful thing about photography.


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