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Mass Ave Cambridge Project

John Heymann | Massachusetts, United States


Massachusetts Avenue is the most important street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is like a river running through Cambridge, connecting the city's commercial squares and neighborhoods. Along Mass. Ave. diverse populations and varied activities exist simultaneously. From lilvely and funky Central Square to the mix of commercial stores in an academic environment at Harvard Square, then Northwest through bustling Porter Square into the residential neighborhood of North Cambridge, Mass. Ave. connects the variety of people who live and work in Cambridge.

As a photographer who has lived and works in Cambridge, I am engaged by the activity along Mass. Ave. whether it is two people carrying red beams, a drenched commuter walking down a set of stairs, a busy doorway in Porter Square, or acrobats perfroming in a funky Central Square bar. I am also engaged by faces and the emotions they suggest: determination, dignity, anxiety, resignation, and confidence. Now and then, I stop to photograph a shadow on the sidewalk or sacks of potatoes in a storefront window. Photographing Mass. Ave. is a continuing source of interest, intrigue, and satisfaction.

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