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Peak Pandemic

John Rae | NY, United States

Organization: JRP

Intensive Care Unit nurse holding hand of intubated patient, Bellevue Hospital, Manhattan.

NYC was hit hard by Covid-19 in March and by April cases in NYC had gone through the roof. The city’s public hospitals were struggling to respond to the case load. All elective procedures were cancelled and almost all available hospital rooms were converted overnight into Intensive Care Units. Personal protective equipment was in short supply forcing doctors, nurses, EMTs, and facility staff to risk infection every day.All medical personnel from podiatrists to pediatricians, were asked to become Covid ICU doctors.On every floor, every room was transformed into Intensive Care Units.

Over the 9 days I visited all 11 hospitals in the Public Hospital system. Every hospital was just recovering from being hammered. In short conversations the nurses would open up about how horrible it was and how helpless they felt. I believe that one of the little told stories is the trauma the front line providers went though, and how hard they fought. 

Ana Morengo, Director of Communications

Carmen Boon, Producer

Robert Dweck, Designer



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