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Poverty in Monterrey, Mexico

John Sevigny | Mexico

Railroad tracks pass houses built from corrugated aluminum in Monterrey, Mexico's third-largest city, 2008.

Monterrey, Mexico's third-largest city, is also one of Latin America's richest.  The city contributed nearly $80 billion US dollars to Mexico's gross domestic product in 2006. Jobs are plentiful, the government is stable, and its educational systems are regarded as excellent. Nevertheless, the city is surrounded by mountaintop slums and sprawling, nearly abandoned neighborhoods where crime and poverty are rampant. These pictures take a look at the dark side of what is regarded as Mexico's most progressive city.

My work represents a direct, but ultimately doomed attack on the mass media, which shapes our perceptions of the world, but also, the way we behave in it. I go out of my way, not to save humanity, but to offer a mirror in which we can see who we really are. There is no defeating network television or the bias and innaccuracy in the news media. But I hope to create small mirrors through which those of us trapped within the opaque walls of its labyrinth, can know ourselves better and take steps to improve our situation.



The Human Rights Office of the Diocese of Saltillo

John Sevigny




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