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Contrasts and Conflict in the Sumatran Rainforest

Jon Lloyd | Sumatra, Indonesia

Organization: Orangutan Information Centre

A boy picks up his siblings from school, deep in the heart of a palm oil plantation.

A story of contrasts and conflict. On Sumatra, one island in the nation of Indonesia and the sixth largest island in the world, the landscape is rich with two types of greenery. One is the natural forest, declining at an alarming rate, and the other being palm oil trees, that produce a magical element that goes into everything from shampoo to cereal to biofuel. It is hard to find anything that is produced or processed in our modern world that is not touched by this feat of agriculture.

In conflict, there must be an attempt at collaboration, negotiation, and desire for mutual outcome. For Sumatra, it is not about ripping out all the palm oil plantations and reforesting this enormous island. It is aligning the goals of the business with sustainable practices, creating sanctuaries and wildlife corridors to allow business and nature to co-exist.

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Orangutan Information Centre

Jon Lloyd


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