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Karolina Jonderko | Poland

Lorcia's room. Lorcia had been part of the family for seven years, because Magdalena could not get pregnant. Luckily, she gave birth to a boy in 2016 so Lorcia was no longer needed. She fulfilled her therapeutic goal.

Babies awaken strong emotions in adults. We look after them with care and gentleness, we love them. Surprisingly, this is the case even if they are not real.

I wanted to find out why.

It looks like a real baby, it even smells like one, but it’s made of vinyl. When you take on such a doll, you are given a birth certificate with the weight and height. Each and every one of them is unique, carefully crafted. Yet those dolls happen to be a powerful therapy tool. It’s proven that cuddling a baby causes a release of hormones, which produce a sense of well-being. They comfort.

Every woman has a unique motive for having such a baby. The maternal instinct is so strong that those who can’t have, or have lost a baby, give their love to an unreal one. The “babies” provide companionship, they bring calming routine, they are a little bundle of joy to love and help their “mothers” dealing with loss, depression, trauma or anxiety.

Karolina Jonderko


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