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CUBA: Threads of Hope & Renewal


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Linda J. Hirsch, Photographer-Psychologist, captures intimate images (2001-), inspired by deep immersion in Cuban Jewish culture. She has photo-documented and enabled the once vibrant, Jewish community, within the context of an island in transition. 

Her images distill the essence of "cubanidad": faith; family; and community. 

Her award-winning images and articles have been published and exhibited internationally, used as back-drops for poetry readings (Jerusalem), projection sets for Jewish music events and commis-sioned for ballet sets by CU-born choreographer, José Mateo (BOS).

A multi-media piece, created in collaboration with CU-born composer, Maureen Reyes Lavastida, premiered in HAV (Foto-teca, Nov. 2015) and BOS (March 2016).

The Anne Frank House Museum (Amsterdam) owns several of her human rights images. The Curator donated SP versions of the Diary and educational media for use in Cuba. 

She has mentored Cuban youths in the art of visual story-telling via cameras (donated; Puffin Fdn. grants) and has reunited with Cuban Jewish youths now in Israel, with hopes of building new bridges.

Linda J. Hirsch, Psychologist, Photographer, Photo- journalist, Meditation Guide, Event Planner
"She Who Makes Memories With Light"
7 Highgate Rd., Wayland, MA 01778
hm.: 508.653.0161; cell: 508.202.2923

CUBAN JEWISH LIFE: Threads of Hope & Renewal
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This exhibit is inspired by over a decade of documenting contemporary Jewish Cuban life within the broader context of “cubanidad” (2001-), during a time of increasing transition. 

After commercial craft initiatives by Jewish communities were allowed by the Cuban government (~2006), I delivered $1500+ of fresh quilting fabric, sewing goods & craft supplies to the Centro Sefaradi (HAV), via      a broad assistance network.

I delivered 90+ scarves to craftswomen at    the Centro Sefaradi, creating a personal     and metaphorical bridge across the "Dire Straits" between the US and CU.

During my 6th visit to Cuba (December 2012), I photographed & interviewed elderly Jewish craftspeople and their teachers creating work for sale to tourists. Proceeds enable them to sustain programs, staff and members.

I have enabled Jewish Cuban leaders and youths since 2006, to create simple, multi-media “Lifestories”, via donated cameras. They have documented and shared their experiences in/outside of Cuba, via email, Facebook & a new Cuban Jewish website, despite logistical challenges and govern-mental restrictions.

Cuba America Jewish Mission (June Safran, Founder)
Joint Distribution Committee (HAV; NY)
Jewish Cuba Connection ( Stan Falkenstein, Fdr.; Dir.)
Original sponsor: Cong. Beth El Sudbury

Linda J. Hirsch, Psychologist, Photographer, Photo-journalist
"She Who Makes Memories With Light"
7 Highgate Rd., Wayland, MA 01778
hm.: 508.653.0161; cell: 508.202.2923

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