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Refugee Camp in Europe


A 23 years old immigrant from Ghana just arrives from detention after 18 months and, for now, will stay in the Tent Village. As he originates from a "safe country", his application for humanitarian protection has been rejected and he has nowhere else to go. Malta does not have an airline which flies to Ghana and cannot afford to send him back.

Hal Far Open Center For Refugees houses near 800 immigrants from many African countries. The camp was open in 2005 to meet the demand created by the increasing number of refugees and economic migrants who have been landing in Malta in the last five years or so. Most of them come to the country on small boats and are then rescued and captured by the Maltese authorities – they can spend up to eighteen months in detention whilst their application are being processed. Once released they have nowhere to go but Hal Far or Masra (another open center) . The Maltese government demands the European central government to absorb a share of the refugees

As an immigrant myself, I feel the pain and sorrow of those I photographed in Malta in first person.  It saddens me very much the fact that some people have been left without any other chance in life rather than leaving family, friends and the homeland behind.

It saddens me that globalization found an amazing way for people to move (or extract) wealth over the borders but is still reluctant in allowing the movement of people.

On top, based on my experience in Malta, the European Union sends a very confusing message as it values the idea of an united continent and, at the same time, turns its backs toward the border states, denying much of the support needed.


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