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Women in Medicine: A Tale of Ukrainian Strength

Leo Hirsch | Ukraine

Nelya prepares and IV for a patient.

When I was a child, I was full of admiration for my grandmother. She was a doctor, and attended Johns Hopkins University where she was bullied by some of her peers who told her that the faculty was not for women. She recently passed away. As I had a chance to visit Ukraine health system, I wanted to celebrate women of medicine. This photo essay is an homage to my grandmother, and her strength and selfless spirit.

Though the people of Ukraine have experienced hardship both financially and through acts of war, many have stood to help there fellows as medical personnel, easing the pain of the people who need it most. My story is focused on the women who embody this selfless spirit. A common theme among these women is that they all think the greatest reward from their job is seeing their patients recover. Working extremely long hours, and caring for the wellbeing of their patients, is a delicate balance that each of these talented individuals achieve. 

I am a visual storyteller from the United states who works around the world to create pieces that embody the workers of the world. I have been facinated by the "little guy" peaked by my backround as an anthropologist and archaeology. I want to tell the stories of those who deserve recognition and my not be at the forefront of media.

Email: Lhirsch092@gmail.com

Facebook: Leo Hirsch Photography 

Instagram: Leo_Hirsch


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