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Inside New York

Leon Cato | New York, United States

Jon - Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Inside New York is a personal project documenting the ever evolving demographics of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

New York City attracts a diverse and dazzling array of entrepreneurs, artists, students, business people and health care professionals from every corner of the globe. The common thread of ambition, known as the New York State of Mind, means that residents are open to all types of inspiration and aesthetics as they embrace what the city has to offer - all while bringing along their own individual contribution to the mix.

In a city where you can be yourself and no one bats an eye, the home is one place people choose to let their individual expression fly.

These photographs were made in the homes of New Yorkers all across the five boroughs of the city; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx as well as Jersey City - the sixth borough so to speak. These portraits provide a glimpse of the ever-evolving demographics of a dynamic city in the world while providing the viewer with an intimate look inside the home of a New Yorker.

Leon Cato is a documentary photographer and visual artist telling stories of personal freedom, courage and compassion. He creates visual projects about people pursuing their own individual path against great odds and societal pressure. Leon focuses on issues relevant to identity, poverty, classism, homophobia, sexism and racism.

Born in London and raised in New York, Leon's style lies evenly between traditional and contemporary photography. He values individual freedom and creative expression - two elements that draw him to projects that he pursues.

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