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Linda Ainouche | Colombia

Organization: Look at My Productions

MAROONED IN THE CARIBBEAN poster inspired by a graffiti situated on Southern part San Andres

Nobody escapes from blood and thunder in Colombia and, definitely not in the department of the archipelago of San Andres, situated closer to Managua than Bogota.

Marooned in the Caribbean is a project that documents the awful living conditions that Raizal people endure. Sons of slaves, English speaker, mainly Baptist with definite us and customs, these native islanders of San Andres are unmercifully fallen prey to Colombianization - a process which kills their culture through the killing of individual souls and subjugates them to an ethnocide.

Raizal people are excruciatingly persecuted by their government, martyred of the lack of visibility of the predicament they must bear, and so unintendedly, become whipped people for their so-called differences. What's more unfair?

Nowadays, their abandoned and isolated Caribbean islands to the rest of the world hold the worst of a bunch of miseries (drug, trafficking, gun smuggling, prostitution, robbery, bribery, kidnapping, repression) where inexorably police are thieves in the streets

This project calls awareness that to the reality that Raizal people are fiercely mistreated whilst their islander identity is ceaselessly perishing.

Look At My Productions 

Linda Aïnouche 


+ 1 646 726 07 04 


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