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Poetry in the Streets

Linda Cubitoso | United States

Spring Rain

Paterson, New Jersey has always been home to the changing face of immigration.  My Italian grandparents were fortunate enough to have come to this city during the great wave of immigration that took place between 1888-1920 when jobs in the silk mills were plentiful and the city was booming.  That is no longer the case.  The mills began to leave the city for various reasons starting in 1924. In my opinion, what draws immigrants to the city today is an inexpensive housing stock, but these buildings and other structures are in serious decline.  It is a matter of time before they are subject to collapse or redevelopment.  Therefore, as a daughter of the city, I made it my mission to visually document Paterson and to tell the story of today's immigrants as not much different from those that came before.  You will see them with family, working, commuting, shopping and in love.  As well you will see some hard-hitting realities of urban blight and homelessness.

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