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Growing Up Girl

Lori Pedrick | New Hampshire, United States

Courtney, New Hampshire

Mission Statement

Growing Up Girl is a collaborative project celebrating individualism, beauty, and the empowerment of women. The basic premise is to promote a healthier, positive message for women of all ages, ethnicities, body types, and backgrounds. Since my portrait sessions are basically my interpretations of each of my subjects, I wanted to find a way where each individual could have a voice too. I’ve invited each participant to write a short personal essay about being a woman. Their stories, coupled with my images, are incredibly powerful. This is a collection of stories from many courageous women, with lived experiences. It is a chance for each participant to share, be seen and be heard. The goal is to inspire young women and girls to feel more confident and self-assured. We all have great perspective in our own individual ways. Considering all that is in flux with our world today, I feel this message is vital. — Lori Pedrick


Artist Statement

A portrait is a celebration of an individual, a commitment to slow and careful observation of beauty and uniqueness. The desire for acceptance lives within us all. I seek to embody the spirit of women, in their
glorious, natural state. I aim to capture the strength and confidence in each of my subjects so that she too may see herself in the most positive, healthy light. My portrait sessions are a collaboration, a time of openness shared between women. The culmination of this exchange helps to empower the subject, the viewer, and myself. I am exploring current standards of beauty in our culture.

Lori Pedrick
Interdisciplinary Artist
730 North Street
Jaffrey, NH 03452
215.880.8494 (cell)


Growing Up Girl

Submission by Lori Pedrick, founder of Growing Up Girl. Portraits and accompanying essays for submitssion.

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