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MD SAIFUL AMIN | dhaka, Bangladesh


Rakher Upobash - A spiritual hindu festival 

Sri Sri Baba Lokenath Ashram at Samibagh, Dhaka
November 2020
Thousands of  devotees sit with various offerings including soil-lamp, ghee,banana leaf, flowers, paddy-durba, dub, milk, etc.
Before evening the fruits brought from the house were kept for some time in front of the idol of Lokenath. Then all of them sit in a row on the open ground. The lamp is on the Banana leaf placed in front. The fruits
are arranged around different colors. The bell rang immediately after sunset. Hundreds of lamps lit together.
After the lamp is lit, the Lokenath devotees break the fast which is carried out for the wellbeing of their friends and families as well as to eliminate the evil. It is learned that, the Father Lokenath ordered to observe fasting in Kartik month and to burn ghee lamps in the Ashram premises to avoid epidemic diseases like cholera, smallpox etc. From there,
Lokenath devotees observe the festival in Lokenath Ashrom in Dhaka & Narayanganj

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