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Morph: Becoming a Girl

Margaret Albaugh | United States

Age 2: He examines his underwear and tries to determine what clothing to wear for the day.

Morph is the story of a child exploring his gender expression and showing himself as a girl to the world. There were moments during his young life that I witnessed and thought might speak to a broader story of his life, so I documented it. As he explored “girl” toys, “girl” activities, and “girl” clothing, I paid attention and documented. I didn’t know where it would go or if it would culminate into anything because I didn’t know if these actions spoke to a broader theme yet. I photographed moments that I felt were pivotal to his exploration. You could say, these images started out of a curiosity of who he is. I didn’t know one way or the other if he would be trans/gender non-conforming when I first started photographing him in dresses and skirts. He was only three. I only saw a boy who seemed to be enjoying these gender non-conforming things and it made me happy to see him so expressive. You could say, I documented these moments because he was happy.

Margaret Albaugh




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