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Dream Slaves

Mariusz Smiejek | Sicily, Italy

Gambian farm worker at the place where he lives for a few months, several tents was burnt during the night. He lost in fire all his documents, money and clothes. February 2018

The olive season in Sicily ended in December, during the harvesting season, between end of September and November, around 1500-2000 people mostly from Western Africa, live in the informal camp for farm workers. But out off season, the camp was an permanent home for dozens of people who live here for a few years. They are mainly homeless asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, they work time to time on farms nearby.
At the beginning of 2018, after olive and mandarins season has ended, local authorities appear to destroy tents and throw their residents out of the camp no alternatives were offered to them. Since the camp was destroyed, all the people, farm workers have to live in abandoned houses and factories around the village without water, electricity, bathroom and toilets.

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